Documents and Timeline

January 8, 2019 Public Open House

Project News and Timeline

Winter 2020/2021
Complete 65% Plans, Specs, & Estimate
Finalized Draft EA

Summer/Fall 2020
Completion of Cultural Resources, Survey, and Geotech Field Work
Design of Recreational Facilities

Winter 2019/2020
January 2020 Project Update and Proposed Alternative Public Scoping Open House

Summer/Fall 2019
Survey and Geotech Field Work Initiated
Additional Fish and Cultural Resources Field Studies Conducted
Design of Trinity Point Terminus and Access Roads

Winter 2018/2019
January 2019 Draft Design Study Report Public Open House

Summer/Fall 2018
Draft DSR Completed
Fish and Cultural Resources Field Work Initiated

Spring 2018
April 2018 Project Introduction Public Open House
Pre-National Environmental Policy Act Scoping Conducted and Alternatives Considered