Documents & Timelines


October 2022 Final DSR

April 2022 Signed US Army Corps of Engineers Permit

June 2021 Signed Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)

April 2021 Conceptual Recreation Plan

March 2021 Signed Environmental Assessment

January 28, 2020 Public Open House

January 8, 2019 Public Open House

August 2018 Draft DSR

April 11, 2018 Public Open House


Summer 2022
Completed 95% Plans, Spes, & Estimate

Summer 2021
Signed Finding of No Significant Impact Initiated Permitting Phase

Winter 2020/2021
Completed 65% Plans, Specs, & Estimate
Finalized Draft EA

Summer/Fall 2020
Completion of Cultural Resources, Survey, and Geotech Field Work
Design of Recreational Facilities

Winter 2019/2020
January 2020 Project Update and Proposed Alternative Public Scoping Open House

Summer/Fall 2019
Survey and Geotech Field Work Initiated
Additional Fish and Cultural Resources Field Studies Conducted
Design of Trinity Point Terminus and Access Roads

Winter 2018/2019
January 2019 Draft Design Study Report Public Open House

Summer/Fall 2018
Draft DSR Completed
Fish and Cultural Resources Field Work Initiated

Spring 2018
April 2018 Project Introduction Public Open House
Pre-National Environmental Policy Act Scoping Conducted and Alternatives Considered